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Gobble Gear

Gobble Gear

I’m far more interested in whiskey than I am merchandise, but on occasion I design or discover an item I think folks might just appreciate. So, if you see something with the Rare Bird 101 logo on it – be it on social media or at a gathering with friends – this page is likely where it was acquired. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, send me a gobble and I’ll see what I can do. Cheers!

Rare Bird 101 Store

Want to share your love of your favorite whiskey with the world? Check out my Spring store, TurkeyTees101.com! There’s plenty of Rare Bird 101 themed shirts, mugs, stickers, etc. to keep you decked out for days. And the best part? You’re supporting this blog in the process. I sincerely appreciate it.

GOT Rare Bird 101

If you’re looking for a new Glencairn, Spey Dram, or tumbler to enjoy your most cherished Wild Turkey pours, my Rare Bird 101 glasses won’t let you down. Brought to you by the talented folks at Etched Laser Art, an official Glencairn Crystal reseller, these glasses feature a simple but stylish Rare Bird 101 logo. The only thing missing is whiskey, but I’m guessing you’ve got that covered. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Game of Thrones themed series!

NEW! Deep-etched Glencairn, Neat Taster, and rocks glasses by Sterling Cut Glass are available through The Bourbon Outfitter.

WT Forgiven Blend

Exclusively designed by Thompson Woodworks, these Rare Bird 101 flight boards are an excellent way to show off your favorite Turkey pours to friends and family. Hand crafted from solid American live edge walnut, each piece is a handsome and unique work of art. They’re perfect for home tastings, community events, or simply a way to enhance your social media whiskey posts. Truly a favorite of mine and one I’m sure you’ll love as well.