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Russell’s Renegades

Russell's Renegades

It should go without saying – choosing a barrel of fine Wild Turkey bourbon fares best as a team effort. At the very least you’re sipping alongside Eddie Russell, or perhaps a sample he’s earmarked. But more often than not there are multiple talented and opinionated individuals involved in the process. Such is the case with Rare Bird 101 private barrel selections.

As of September 2020, Rare Bird 101 selections will be facilitated through Justins’ House of Bourbon (a nationally recognized licensed retailer) via the Bourbon Outfitter. Access to these barrels, as well as the opportunity to join future selection teams, are benefits reserved for my Patreon supporters, or “Russell’s Renegades.” It’s not a bourbon club in the conventional sense, but rather a group of like-minded individuals passionate about Wild Turkey. As such, the barrels we select are a reflection of our community.

If you’re interested in Russell’s Renegades and our zeal for all things Turkey, please check out my Patreon site or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. As for past, present, and upcoming barrel selections, please see the following chart for reference.

Selection DateNameExpressionBarrel, Location
September 5, 2018One & A CenturyRussell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon18-0643 CNF 5
May 6, 2019Promise to Mr. PorkChopRussell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon18-0573 CNF 6
May 6, 2019Russell the MuscleRussell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon18-0567 CNF 6
May 6, 2019Swan Song: A Barrel to RememberRussell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon19-0074 CNA 4
August 14, 2019Fast Eddie: No Ice, No GlassRussell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon19-0538 CNF 6
April 14, 2020Russell’s Renegades #404Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon20-0404 TYB 4
April 14, 2020Russell’s Renegades #183Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit20-0183 TYE 4
September 8, 2020Rare Bird 101 & JHOB “PayDay”Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon20-0689 TYG 4
September 8, 2020Rare Bird 101 & JHOB “Granny’s Spice Rack”Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon20-0884 TYS 5

Last updated: December 10, 2020