In 2017, I was introduced to late-1990’s Wild Turkey Kentucky Legend, or “Donut,” as it’s often called. I was immediately impressed with the additional depth and complexity of a Wild Turkey single barrel bottled at full barrel strength. And it only made sense, as Eddie Russell himself has stated, “The best way to sip bourbon is straight from the barrel.”

Little did I know that my fascination with barrel-proof Turkey was only beginning. 

After enjoying various Single Cask Nation bottlings, as well as the privilege of selecting Wild Turkey barrels for the private selection program – tasting Kentucky’s finest bourbon and rye whiskey poured straight from a copper thief – I dreamed of bringing that experience to a wider audience of fans. And in 2022, thanks to a fateful encounter with Rare Character Whiskey’s Pablo Moix, my dream became a reality.

I’ve spent the last year working with Pablo and the team at Rare Character. From world-class straight bourbon and rye whiskeys, to unique cask finishes, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing Rare Character’s best with my followers and supporters. But our greatest achievement was just around the corner. After months of hard work and determination, our shared passion for Wild Turkey has fostered the creation of a bold new brand, Pride of Anderson County.

Pride of Anderson County is dedicated to the best Wild Turkey Distillery has to offer – straight from choice barrels, uncut and unfiltered. And the spring 2023 release only affirms this endeavor, with 12-year bourbon from Camp Nelson’s rickhouse E and 8-year rye whiskey from Tyrone’s rickhouse Q. These exceptional barrels were earmarked for this project by Wild Turkey’s Bruce Russell and Grant Wheeler. Naturally, Pablo and I were thrilled to experience them and extend our toast of approval. 

There will be exciting information to share about Pride of Anderson County in the weeks ahead, so please be sure to follow me on social media for the latest. For now, cheers to the teams at Rare Character and Campari America for seeing value in my vision. And a very special thanks to Bruce, Grant, and Pablo for their time and expertise in bringing these incredible barrels to light.


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