(Crosspost from Kickstarter.com. Featured photo – Wild Turkey: American Spirit original manuscript)

Dear friends and supporters,

It’s hard to believe, but my Kickstarter campaign is over halfway complete. I’m sincerely amazed at the support so many kind folks have shown and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But it’s not over yet! I have some great news to share.

First, I’ve changed photographers. Thanks to the recommendation of several trusted friends, I’ve hired the sharp and talented (not to mention all-around incredible fella) Victor Sizemore. Victor officially started shooting this past Monday. A few of his pictures were featured in a blog post detailing my recent trip to Wild Turkey, so take a look if you have a minute. I’m certain you’ll be impressed with his work.

Second, I want this book’s design to be the best it can possibly be. But I’m not just talking about going hardback over softback. I’m talking about heavyweight paper and top-of-the-line printing from the same printing houses used by the “big five” publishers. While self-publishing companies like Amazon/KDP and IngramSpark deliver quality budget printing options, their printing isn’t exactly the same as what’s found in books at large retail bookstores. This is no secret, and you can find countless examples on YouTube (among other websites).

The bottom line is this: A book dedicated to Wild Turkey deserves no compromises. That said, I need your help to make that happen. While I’ve raised far greater than I ever imagined, there’s a significant price difference between a color, digest-size softback and a premium-color, heavyweight hardback. In order to make this publication’s design and presentation the highest quality possible, I must raise additional funds.

Enter my stretch goal …

If I can raise $12,000 or more, I can increase the quality of the final product and give this book the format it deserves. That’s less than $3,000 from my current campaign pledge total. It’s a stretch for sure, but it’s far from impossible. It’s also important that I say this for the record: Every dollar of the final goal goes into this book’s production and its campaign rewards. Period. You have my promise.

So if there’s any chance you can spread the word, I truly appreciate it. Bourbon buddies, friends, family, co-workers – hell, Matthew McConaughey himself – if there’s anyone you know that might be interested, please tell them about this campaign. Any amount helps. Please don’t think a small contribution is pointless. It’s not. Every pledge counts.

In closing, I want to say thank you again. I never expected to receive half the support I’ve seen already. Your generosity is a testament to your kindness and love for Wild Turkey (and the bourbon community itself). I’m honestly humbled and can’t say thank you enough.

David J.