Good Christmas Eve morning! This year I’m taking a break from my usual weekly blog post to spend a little more holiday time with my family. But I won’t be taking a break from writing or reviewing Turkey entirely. I’ll continue to post to Patreon (maybe film a livestream as well), so if you haven’t taken a minute to check out that site, please do. There’s plenty of content to keep you busy over the next week (including a comparison of a Lincoln Road Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel to a recent 1789b Weller Full Proof selection).

Before signing off, I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy holidays and thank you for your readership. 2019 has been an incredible year and it simply wouldn’t have been possible without your interest and support. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read, follow, comment, and share, and look forward to providing even more posts in 2020.


David Jennings