The day is here! I have my author’s copies of American Spirit: Wild Turkey Bourbon from Ripy to Russell in hand and I couldn’t be more happy. Outside of a classy paperback cover (a/k/a pandemic cover) it’s everything I dreamed it would be. And damn, it’s heavy! The pages are thick, the photography shines, and the intoxicating smell of “new” reminds me of opening packs of baseball cards in my youth. I’m thoroughly and graciously pleased.

Since I have my copies from the printer, that means my publisher, Mascot Books, should have their copies soon (if not already). If you placed a preorder, hang in there. It shouldn’t be much longer. My guess is they’ll be inspected, inventoried, and shipped out soon after. But these things do take time, so your patience is truly appreciated. And if you’re still considering an order, maybe these reviews might help you decide.

I have another important announcement (especially for those living outside of the United States): eBooks are ready for purchase! So, if you’re ready to dive into Wild Turkey’s remarkable history and expression catalog without the wait or shipping expense, please check out the following eBook options:



Payhip/PDF (requires PayPal)

Each of these eBook options are priced at $9.99 and available for immediate download. I should also mention that Amazon and Apple have e-gift delivery options. So if you’re looking for a last-minute (pandemic safe) quality Father’s Day gift, look no more! You can give dad (or stepdad or granddad) the gift of Wild Turkey from the comfort of your own home. It’s a fun book with loads of impressive photography (thanks to the talented Victor Sizemore), so don’t worry if your pop isn’t a big reader. There’s plenty of whiskey eye candy to savor too.

Thanks so much to everyone – all of my Kickstarter backers, Patreon supporters, readers, followers, friends, and family. You helped make this happen. Without your support and motivation, I probably would’ve given up two years ago. Thanks to you I get to share my love letter to Wild Turkey with the world. And that means everything.

Cheers to every single one of you!

David Jennings

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