This week I decided I’d try something new.

Three years ago I launched a Patreon account. What is Patreon? Simply put, it’s a way for readers, viewers, listeners, etc. to support content creators. Every Patreon account is different and varies greatly based on the creator. There are writers, musicians, comedians, YouTubers, podcasters, etc. In the bourbon world, Patreon is often synonymous with barrel clubs. I’m a member of several and have enjoyed the private selections I’ve discovered over the years, but for me, Patreon has greater value. Patreon means community.

If you’re familiar with this blog, you know it’s a weekly publication (give or take). Typically, I post a long-form review or article once a week, occasionally a special announcement or press release, but that pretty much sums it up. With Patreon, I publish multiple posts each week. From first impression tastings and side-by-side comparisons, to cocktails, reviews, photos, and more, I spend the bulk of my time writing and creating content for Patreon. I also host private Zoom meetings, not to mention hanging out via a dedicated Discord server 24/7. While there are rewards for being a patron, not to mention access to exclusive private barrel selections, content and community come first.

This week, all of my content-based (non-barrel-selection) Patreon posts are public. In other words, there’s no paywall. You can read and share at your leisure. Additionally, you can comment on these posts, provided you have a Patreon user profile (basic Patreon profiles are free). Here are some posts you might be interested in to date:

Turkey, Not Turkey: Russell’s Reserve 13 v. The Dallas Bourbon Club’s Stagg Jr. Single Barrel

First-Pour Thoughts: Mash & Journey “Look at the Birdie” Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Selection

First-Pour Thoughts: Russell Family Collection – Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel #3070-O-5 (2016)

Tasting Notes: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 12/17/07 Rickhouse E

Happy Fourth of July! (featuring an Australian 101 & Cola RTD and a “PayDay Old Fashioned”)

And, that’s just the start. I’ll keep this list updated as new content is posted to Patreon (now through July 4th). I should also mention these posts will remain public, so any links shared won’t break or force pledging.

Thanks for taking the time to venture over to Patreon. There may not be a dedicated blog article or review this week, but I think you’ll have a lot more content to read in exchange. And, should you have any questions about Russell’s Renegades or my Patreon community, please contact me at any time. I’ll be happy to help. 



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