(Crosspost from Kickstarter.com)

I have great news to report. Yesterday afternoon, my Kickstarter campaign reached its goal. Wild Turkey Musings will become a reality. Thank you for your support and confidence. I’m overwhelmed with the kindness and thoughtfulness of this whiskey community – not only from my fellow enthusiasts, but industry writers and content creators that consistently demonstrate what this hobby is all about – discovering, sharing, encouraging, and supporting.

The goal is reached, what now? Unlike many Kickstarter campaigns, I see no reason to set traditional stretch goals. I’ve thought about it, and every way I look at it, at least in regard to this publication, it just feels gimmicky. Instead, I’ll simply say that every dollar raised over the initial $10k goal will go into making this book the best it can be. Period.

There’s many possibilities. For example, I’m talking with a Kentucky-based artist about incorporating original sketches into the book. I’ve also consulted with Victor Sizemore. As you might recall, Victor was the photographer for American Spirit. He did an outstanding job capturing the essence of the book and I’d love to have him on board for this project. There’s other avenues of design and structure I’d like to explore as well, but all of these things require funding. To put it into perspective, $13k was raised for American Spirit. 100% of those funds were used, and then some. The stronger the backing, the stronger the book. You have my promise.

As of today, there’s roughly 38 days left in this Kickstarter campaign. There’s plenty of rewards left. In fact, no reward tier has sold out completely, though one is very close (so if you’re a part of a whiskey group looking for a guest speaker, act fast). From eBooks, to signed books, stickers and glassware, not to mention your name printed in Wild Turkey Musings’ Acknowledgments, there’s something for everyone. So please, spread the word and share this endeavor with friends. And, if they have any questions or concerns, I’m here to assist.

I can’t thank y’all enough for making this dream come true. We did it – again! Within a year we’ll be holding a second Wild Turkey book in our hands. I’m choking up just typing that. Wow … This is so very cool.

Thank you all.


David Jennings