On September 10, 1954, Jimmy Russell first punched the clock at the distillery that would become known as Wild Turkey. He hasn’t stopped.

Today marks Jimmy Russell’s 68th year at Wild Turkey. Can you imagine working 68 years at the same job – at the same location? Incredible. Much like the whiskey Jimmy has spent his life producing, it’s all about tradition. While many distillers talk about it, Jimmy lives it. One could successfully argue that, along with Jimmy himself, tradition is the heart of Wild Turkey. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Stop by the visitors center in Lawrenceburg and experience it for yourself. Chances are, Jimmy will be there to greet you.

On this special day I invite you to join me. Raise a glass to Jimmy Russell for 68 years of remarkable service, not only to the brand we know and love, but to Kentucky and the entire bourbon industry. You don’t have to pop the cork on an expensive or rare bottle. Wild Turkey 101 will do just fine. After all, I can’t think of a whiskey that says “Jimmy Russell” better than Wild Turkey 101. And if you post your toast to social media, please tag it with #JimmyRussell. Let’s get it trending and show the world that, thanks to individuals like Jimmy, bourbon is much more than an everyday spirit. 

Cheers to Jimmy!

David Jennings

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