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Fred Minnick, author of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey

I’m proud to announce that my second book, Wild Turkey Musings: A Whiskey Writer’s Retrospective, is available for pre-order on my publisher’s website. This 296-page, 6×9 deluxe hardcover features selected works from the first five years of the Rare Bird 101 blog, but with additional stories and insights, photography by Victor Sizemore, original artwork by Ricky Frame and Connor Query, and a foreword by author Fred Minnick. It’s a celebration of Wild Turkey and the Russell family legacy, and the perfect companion book to American Spirit: Wild Turkey Bourbon from Ripy to Russell (also available in hardcover). 

Wild Turkey Musings

From the introduction:

Within these pages, you’ll find my thoughts and opinions on select whiskey expressions, facts and fables of Wild Turkey history, pseudo-scientific comparisons, adventurous blends, countdowns, cocktails, and bits of ranting and raving scattered throughout. However, this isn’t a simple compilation of published blog posts. Like it or not, you’ll also be getting my commentary, including information, insight, and oddities about each entry. Some posts have anecdotes, others carry personal meaning, but if there’s something to be said, I’ve endeavored to say it.

If you’re a fan of Wild Turkey, you’ll love Wild Turkey Musings. And if, for some mysterious reason, you’re not a Turkey fan, you’ll find plenty of useful bourbon facts and history to enjoy. Hell, you’ll probably be a bigger Turkey fan than me by the time you finish it. (You’ve been warned!) But in all seriousness, I put 101% into Musings and strived to make it much more than a collection of blog posts, as did the artists, editors, and friends that helped along the way. I’m thrilled to see this come to life in print and excited to share it with the whiskey community.

To order Wild Turkey Musings (and/or American Spirit) visit MascotBooks.com. As soon as copies arrive from the printer (tentatively mid-November 2022), they will be shipped to you. Please note that this is a pre-order and is exclusive to my publisher’s website. The official release is slated for February 2023, at which time Musings can be found elsewhere online and in bookstores across the country.

Cheers and thanks for your support!

David Jennings

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