My latest book, Wild Turkey Musings: A Whiskey Writer’s Retrospective, is now available as an eBook (Apple, Kindle, and PDF formats). Though still months from the hardback’s official release, I felt it was important to get this publication out as soon as possible, as it celebrates the five-year anniversary of the Rare Bird 101 blog. 

Wild Turkey Musings eBook

From the press release:

In commemoration of five years of dedication to all things Wild Turkey, David Jennings sifted through hundreds of blog posts from 2016 to 2021 and distilled them to only the most essential. What remains is a collection of unique works that not only showcases the best of Rare Bird 101 but offers previously unpublished insight and perspective—the who, what, how, or why behind each article—as well as new charts, graphs, and maps. From reviews and “best of” lists to unknown facets and lore of Wild Turkey’s multi-layered history, Wild Turkey Musings is perfect for whiskey fans of any proficiency level, from novice to expert.

To purchase Wild Turkey Musings for immediate download in e-format ($9.99), please visit After completing the checkout process, you’ll be prompted to download the book in your desired format (Apple, Kindle, and/or PDF). You’ll also receive a receipt via email with links and instructions, should you wish to download the files at a later time. 

But if you’re not an eBook reader, no worries. The hardback version ($28.95) is currently available via pre-order, with copies slated for early mail-out in November. To pre-order a physical copy of Wild Turkey Musings, visit, add it to your cart, and check out. Either way, you’re helping a full-time writer and I sincerely appreciate your support.


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