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Official Wild Turkey Websites & Pages

Wild Turkey Distilling Company (Official Website) – for the most recent product information, company news, and upcoming events

Wild Turkey Bourbon – YouTube Channel (Official) – promotional videos, interviews with the Russells, and other entertaining company productions

Gruppo Campari – parent company of Wild Turkey Distilling Company

Interviews with the Russells or Wild Turkey Distilling Co.

One Nation Under Whisky (various podcasts with the Russells)

Bourbon Pursuit (various podcasts with the Russells)

Dads Drinking Bourbon:

The Bourbon Show (ABV Network):

2017 Wild Turkey AMA (Ask Me Anything) – a Reddit.com Q&A with Jimmy, Eddie, and Bruce Russell of Wild Turkey (March 2017)

2013 Wild Turkey AMA (Ask Me Anything) – r/bourbon Reddit.com sub-forum interview with Wild Turkey Distilling Co. (August 2013)

General Wild Turkey Informative Websites & Pages

Wild Turkey Distillery:  History, Timeline, Mash Bills, Products, and More – a comprehensive guide to everything Wild Turkey courtesy of Josh Peters at The Whiskey Jug

A Visit to the Wild Turkey Distillery – a fun and informative guide to Wild Turkey from its early roots to present day, by Linda & John Lipman

How Wild Turkey “Funk” Became a Whiskey Geek Obsession – fantastic article by Aaron Goldfarb, June 19, 2017 (The title says it all!)

Wild Turkey Timeline – a comprehensive timeline of Wild Turkey releases, including changes in production, bottling, and labeling by Redditor, u/Kumori

Wild Turkey Date Code Guide – an excellent examination of Wild Turkey print/laser bottle codes by Redditor, u/Kumori

Whiskey Photo Library: Wild Turkey (WhiskeyID.com) – comprehensive library of WT bottle and label images going back to the early 1950’s

Mash Bill Breakdown: Wild Turkey (Bourbonr.com) – Wild Turkey bourbon and rye whiskey recipe information

Wild Turkey Print Ad History – featuring a wealth of images, this internet article is dedicated to Wild Turkey print advertisements from the late 1950’s up to the 2010’s

Industry Insider Blogs

The Chuck Cowdery Blog – Chuck is an accomplished author – a living legend of bourbon history and lore.  A simple query of “Wild Turkey” on his blog’s search function is guaranteed to lead to hours of interesting and enjoyable reading.

The Fred Minnick Blog – Fred may be the most popular American Whiskey author and researcher at present.  A query of “Wild Turkey” on his blog search function should lead you to some good information.

Michael Veach Blog – Michael is a Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee, author, and arguably the most well-regarded bourbon historian in the United States.

Other Sites of Interest

Bourbon Release Calendar (BreakingBourbon.com) – upcoming American whiskey releases by year and season –  reliable and updated often.  It’s also an excellent whiskey blog with detailed reviews and articles.

r/Bourbon (Reddit.com) – a Reddit sub-forum dedicated to bourbon and other American whiskeys – an endless resource of reviews, debates, and discussions