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Wild Turkey Informative Websites & Pages

Wild Turkey Distilling Company (Official Website) – for the most recent product information, company news, and upcoming events

Wild Turkey Bourbon – YouTube Channel (Official) – promotional videos, interviews with the Russell’s, and other entertaining company productions

Wild Turkey Press Kit (PDF File, direct link) – 3-page press kit for Wild Turkey products (Campari Publication, abt 2011)

Wild Turkey Bourbon (Wikipedia) – general information and basic company history

Bourbon Pursuit Podcasts – Wild Turkey:

Wild Turkey Date Code Guide – an excellent examination of Wild Turkey print/laser bottle codes by Redditor, u/Kumori

Wild Turkey Timeline – a comprehensive timeline of Wild Turkey releases, including changes in production, bottling, and labeling by Redditor, u/Kumori

How Wild Turkey “Funk” Became a Whiskey Geek Obsession – fantastic article by Aaron Goldfarb, June 19, 2017 (The title says it all!)

Whiskey Photo Library: Wild Turkey (WhiskeyID.com) – comprehensive library of WT bottle and label images going back to the early 1950’s

Whiskey Timeline: Wild Turkey (WhiskeyID.com) – detailed company/distillery information and historical timeline

2017 Wild Turkey AMA (Ask Me Anything) – a reddit.com Q&A with Jimmy, Eddie, and Bruce Russell of Wild Turkey (March 2017)

2013 Wild Turkey AMA (Ask Me Anything) – r/bourbon reddit.com sub-forum interview with Wild Turkey Distilling Co. (August 2013)

Mashbill Breakdown: Wild Turkey (Bourbonr.com) – Wild Turkey bourbon and rye whiskey recipe information

Wild Turkey Print Ad History – featuring a wealth of images, this internet article is dedicated to Wild Turkey print advertisements from the late 1950’s up to the 2010’s

Industry Insider Blogs

The Chuck Cowdery Blog – Chuck is an accomplished author – a living legend of bourbon history and lore.  A simple query of “Wild Turkey” on his blog’s search function is guaranteed to lead to hours of interesting and enjoyable reading.

The Fred Minnick Blog – Fred is quickly gaining a reputation as a knowledgable and entertaining whiskey author and researcher.  A query of “Wild Turkey” on his blog search function should lead you to some good information.

Michael Veach Blog – Michael is a Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee, author, and arguably the most well-regarded bourbon historian in the United States.

Other Sites of Interest

Bourbon Release Calendar (BreakingBourbon.com) – upcoming American whiskey releases by year and season –  reliable and updated often.  It’s also an excellent whiskey blog with detailed reviews and articles.

r/bourbon (reddit.com) – a reddit subforum dedicated to bourbon and other American whiskeys – an endless resource of reviews, debates, and discussions

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